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The ballast power pack combination has not been wired up and tested to confirm functional compatibility. Vosslohschwabe m2212ck7eun electronic mh ballast, 22w m175 metal halide, 120v product information technical details. Vosslohschwabe is not merely a manufacturer of topquality components. Vossloh schwabe, a subsidiary of the panasonic group, has been manufacturing and providing lampholders of the highest quality and reliability to the european and us markets since 1920. Vosslohschwabe attaches great importance to ensuring the impedance value of electromagnetic ballasts is kept within particularly narrow tolerances. Component systems for lighting applications vosslohschwabe. Vossloh schwabe m1501227ck5euj 150 watt electronic metal halide ballast 2 to 3 week lead time regular price. Led modules and matching control gear made by vosslohschwabe. Shop for vossloh schwabe m391227ck5euf 39 watt electroinic metal halide ballast. This advantage, which is achieved by individual adjustment of the air gap during the automated production and testing process of every ballast, decisively contributes to optimising light output. Component systems for lighting applications rs agencies. We can give you a discount of 2% on vosslohschwabe 163763 ballast 18w, for socket g24d2gx24d2 28x41 mm if you choose payment in advance on ordering. Vossloh schwabe, a subsidiary of the panasonic group, has.

Electronic ballasts for tc and t lamps vosslohschwabe. Electromagnetic ballast for fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps. Vosslohschwabe electronic ballasts lighting supply. Wire around the legacy ballast to gain the greatest amount of energy efficiency. A standard ballast, impregnated with polyester resin. This wiring diagram is provided in good faith and the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. A non dimmable high frequency control gear 85x41x28mm. All of the ballasts feature installerfriendly universal input voltage and metal case designs for compliance with all plenum and. Existing installations can also be replaced without any further issues. Our partner from the usa has been developing and producing highquality semiconductors based on sic for about 30 years. Brand vossloh schwabe part number 169546 item weight 2. Shop for vossloh schwabe m3912ck6euf 39 watt electroinic metal halide ballast. The choice of available performance criteria and wattages will satisfy a diverse range of requirements.

Vossloh schwabe 188629 electronic ballast for 1 39 watt m metal halide lamp operated at 120v277v m391227ck5eujt3 stocks thousands of products including led lights led bulbs led fixtures and ships the same business day. We we would like to keep all our customers and suppliers regularly informed about adjustments to our actions. A vossloh schwabe high frequency electronic ballast for 70watt single fluorescent lights, lamps, metal halides, a control gear for highly potential long life x we use cookies to give you a fabulous customer experience and enable you to checkout on our website. For parameter lighting purposes, the selected ge hid lamps were combined with vs magnetic ballasts nahj150 due to their ability to optimise light output, colour temperature and the service. Standard ballast vacuumimpregnated with polyester resin screw terminals. A vossloh schwabe high frequency ballast for use with watt for single fluorescent tubes, lamps. Vosslohschwabe m391227ck5eujt3 electronic ballast for 1.

We use cookies to give you a fabulous customer experience and enable you to checkout on our website. Detailed below is a comprehensive range of vossloh schwabe portfolio of electromagnetic ballasts for use with single tubular and compact fluorescent lamps rated between 5 watt and 75 watts. Electromagnetic ballast for high pressure sodium lamps hs and metal halide lamps hi. Lamp electronic ballast system output type base power con type ref. This ballast is outdoor type 1 rated and will operate ansi lamp codes m156,c156.

Vossloh schwabe electronic ballast 2 x 18w 40w elxc 242. With products available to meet all your lamp, ballast, and fixture requirements, these lampholders will deliver peace of mind for years to come. Best customer service, selection and deals for vossloh schwabe ballasts. Vosslohschwabes electronic ballast range was developed in accordance with valid emc standards interference. Wiring around the ballast of a nema dusktilldawn hps fixture. Holdbox lighting components fluorescent tubes ballasts electronic standard g t8 ballast 1887 vossloh schwabe ballast 1887 vossloh schwabe display all pictures. Vs unique product range includes magnetic and electronic ballasts, stateofthe art. Ir remote controlled dimmer dmx dimmer vossloh schwabe vossloh schwabe 509377 wustdigileddmx2 dmx light dimmer digital addressable lighting interface dali dmx2 vs 529620 text. Vosslohschwabe 163763 ballast 18w socket g24d 2gx24d 2. Runs on 230v and is suitable for either 1x 4w, 1 x 6w, 1 x 8w or 2 x 4w t5 tubes. Vossloh schwabe s t5 electronic ballasts were teamed with ge t5 watt miser energysaving lamps to achieve desirable office lighting results. Cree has been our partner for a comprehensive range of leds since 2004. Magnetic ballast 163220 at the best online prices at ebay. A vossloh schwabe ignitor designed for use with metal halide and sodium lamps rated at 35400 watts.

There are currently no factors other than local government regulations or supply chain or material flow restrictions that affect our. Vossloh schwabe 188157 m391227ck5euf metal halide ballast. Universal lighting technologies vossloh schwabe 188514. Vossloh schwabe ballast universal ballast shop by brand. Electronic ballast from vosslohschwabe industryelectronics. You have been filtering for vossloh schwabe and therefore you see now only electronic ballast from vosslohschwabe. The electrical specifications of vs range of ballasts comply with lamp specific requirements. Standard ballast vacuumimpregnated with polyester resin pushin terminal for leads. The new vossloh schwabe 220 and 240 v led modules provide an optimal opportunity to switch to leds, without the need for the timeconsuming and expensive redesigning of existing luminaires. Holdbox lighting components fluorescent tubes ballasts magnetic g10q t9 ballast 529029 vossloh schwabe ballast 529029 vossloh schwabe display all pictures. The operation of a fluorescent lamp depends on a ballast that stabilises the lamps preheat current after connection to the mains.

We offer you vosslohschwabe 163763 ballast 18w, for socket g24d2gx24d2 28x41 mm always at the best possible price. Vossloh schwabe 55 mayview road canonsburg, pa 15317 phone 7247434770 fax 7247434771. Vossloh schwabe electronic ballast t5 t8 type elxc. You can choose other manufacturers on the left side in the menu or get the complete overview. Vosslohschwabe works worldwide on the basis of a standardised, valid quality and environmental management system and is iso 9001.

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