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The mfrc522 supports all variants of the mifare mini, mifare 1k. Do check out his gigantic site with loads and loads of philips and other brands datasheets, it certainly is worth a visit. Today, a look at almost any guitar tube amp, be it fender, marshall, vox, or any other, will prove the 12ax7 ecc83 7025 tubes are here to stay. The philips, rft and some rca datasheets are placed here thanks to and with permission of frank philipse. There are many equivalent tubes with different names, some identical, some designed for ruggedness, long life, or other characteristics. This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and lowpressure gasfilled tubes. The tesla tubes are simply relabeled rft east german tubes.

The brimar cv4004 is an excellent uk made 12ax7 with a quasi boxed anode. These telefunken tubes all had much different painted telefunken logo than normal. Rft 12ax7 no matter how these are branded amperex, positron, national, siemens,the list goes on and on rft 12ax7 tubes are of amazing quality and have an exceptional tone. Irfts9342pbf product datasheet infineon technologies. Those will help you retain articulation, while taking a little treble edge off. The el34 6ca7 is an output pentode introduced in 1953 by mullard and intended for use in audio amplifiers and modulators. Ecc81 datasheet pdf, ecc81 data sheet, ecc81, ecc81. A premium quality ecc803 tube that replaces any 12ax7 ecc83 tube type. Mar 29, 2008 i just came across this amazingly detailed post.

Sylvania 12ax7 datasheet 12ax7 also known as ecc83 1 is a vacuum tube that is a miniature dual triode 6av6 with high voltage gain. Gittervorapannung 939 0673 philips ecc818 vgv 7r031s5 i. Review by cotton i love the smoothness of my mesa boogie mark iv wide body combo. If you have more datasheets, articles, books, pictures or other information about nixie tubes or other display devices please let me know. The 12au7 and its variants are a miniature ninepin b9a base mediumgain dual triode vacuum tube. I popped those anos rfts into v3 and v4 and bam metal tone without the abrasive high end harshness. Designed to allow for cleaner headroom than higher gain 12ax7s when pushed into overdrive, it offers distortion with strongly defined lows, a rich mid range and clean, smooth highs. Highly durable, lowmicrophonics double triode, close by characteristics to the 12ax7 ecc83.

Wow sounds killer really warmed the amp up yet kept the clarity. These tubes include those produced by mullard, amperex, siemens, telefunken, tungsram, rft, ei, mazda, lorenz, philips and others. Media related to rft vacuum tubes at wikimedia commons. Exheat industrials rft thermostats are supplied in weatherproof or flameproof enclosures to complement our heaters. Ecc82 datasheetpdf list of unclassifed manufacturers. Hello a few years after the berlin wall came down, perhaps in 19911995, many, many telefunken ecc83 and even many more gold pin telefunken e88cc and e188cc with the molded in glass bottom were released to usa, western europe, uk, and asia markets. Date codes on telefunken 12ax7ecc83 page 2 steve hoffman. Quick reference, connected to earth, the more favourable triode section of the tube with regard to hum is the section connected to pins 6, 7 and 8. Mfrc522 standard performance mifare and ntag frontend. Double triode data sheet page 1 of 4 quick reference data anode current ia1,2ma transcoductance s1,6mav amplification 100 heating heating is indirect by ac od dc, with serial or parallel supply. It belongs to a large family of dual triode vacuum tubes which share the same pinout retma 9a. Tube depot carries a selection of 12ax7 ecc83 7025 cv4004 pre amp vacuum tubes. All thermostats are certified for use in hazardous areas where the atmosphere is classified as a zone 1 or 2 iia, iib, iic gas group.

This is really beautiful tube, with full compliance to the original telefunken ecc803s. An amplification factor of 17 is quoted, and the ecc82 is virtually a pair of ec90 triodes in a single envelope but not designed for rf use. Double triode quick reference data anode current ia10,5ma transcoductance s2,2mav amplification 17 heating heating is indirect by ac od dc, with serial or parallel supply. The harma ecc83 str construction is based on the famous frame grid design. Mike my roccaforte amp loves the rft ecc83, so i am back for more. We have a limited supply of low noise selected tubes, as well as brimar cv4004 with balanced sections.

Introduction this document describes the functionality and electrical specifications of the contactless readerwriter mfrc522. It was developed around 1946 by rca engineers 2 in camden, new jersey, under developmental number a4522. More information for the tube type you can find here. Rft datasheet, rft pdf, rft data sheet, rft manual, rft pdf, rft, datenblatt, electronics rft, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data sheet, datas sheets. These telefunken tubes all had much different painted telefunken.

Ecc83 doppeltriode components datasheet pdf data sheet free from datasheet data sheet search for integrated circuits ic. Designing an ac cathode follower for the following example we will design a cathode follower to act as a buffer for an effects loop. Substitutes are given as a guide only please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Ecc83 datasheet pdf, ecc83 data sheet, ecc83, ecc83.

Produced in, ogetter halo, holes in plate 14mm matte grayplate. Originally, the 12ax7 ecc83 vacuum tube was introduced to be a superior option for lower noise and microphonics over the 6sl7 tube that was commonly used in the 1940s. Rft ecc81 tubes were made in germany during the 1960s and 1970s. Ecc83 is the european designation for the 12ax7 tube it is the same exact tube.

Its great sounding in hifi amps and guitar amps guitar players see note below. Mike, thank you for recommending the nos rft 12ax7 to warm up my 65 amps empire. Double triode, ecc82 datasheet, ecc82 circuit, ecc82 data sheet. The tungsol ecc803 datasheet new production i do not think such a data sheet exists, meaning the tubes i had were fakes. We were surprised at the very low cv number, suggesting availability at the start of wwii even though the b9a base is post war in the uk. Price is for 3 tubes in different stage of used condition. Aug 01, 2019 the 12au7 and its variants are a miniature ninepin b9a base mediumgain dual triode vacuum tube. All the ecc8312ax7 types had identical reading and were selected for low microphony, low noise with uniform gain. Different constructions all with one o shape round getter and gray plating. The tesla ecc83 and its variants e83cc, ecc803s have their own unique plate structure and can sometimes be confused with the east german rft. Two on the sides are made by german rft and the one in the middle is hungarian made tungsram. The jj ecc803s is a warm, full sounding tube, with highgain. Long plate construction, superb for phono stages, hifi, and guitar amps. Highly durable, lowmicrophonics double triode, close by characteristics to the 12ax7ecc83.

Ecc83 history o 350 vav the telefunken ecc83 tk is a wellbalanced tube suited for all types of music and playing styles. If youre set on making a tube change to take off some highend, i highly recommend early60s longplate ge 12ax7 that look like this. Triode section similar in characteristics to one half of a 12ax7. Eirc electronic tubes factory ecc8312ax7 ecc83 is a. Most of the telefunken datasheets are placed here thanks to and with permission of thorsten kliefoth. The ecc83 12ax7 is a weakling in this regard, although for guitar applications it is often good enough.

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